bitterharvest’s diary

A Bitter Harvestは小説の題名。作者は豪州のPeter Yeldham。苦闘の末に勝ちえた偏見からの解放は命との引換になったという悲しい物語





1)CS1501: Introduction to Haskell
Haskell Lectures - CS 1501
Lecture1: Outlines class structure, syllabus, grading policies, and reference text. Introduces the origin and theory behind Haskell.
Lecture2: Introduces Lists and Tuples, the most important data structures in Haskell.
Lecture3: Explores Haskell's strong Type system and Typeclasses. Along the way, covers the concept of Currying and emphasizes modular coding.
Lecture4: Covers proper syntax in writing longer Haskell code. Introduces pattern matching and guards.
Lecture5: Shows how to create your own data types to customize Haskell for you needs. Also covers record syntax, type parameters, and modules.
Lecture6: Investigates higher order functions such as maps, filters, folds, and a whole lot more.
Lecture7: Presents the Haskell community by introducing hackage and cabal.
Lecture8: Begins the journey to investigate the IO Monad, covering basic input and output.
Lecture9: Enlightens the reader about Functors, Monoids, and Monads.
Lecture10: Reinforces good programming practices in the world of Haskell.
Lecture11: Demonstrates use of existing Haskell software.
Lecture12: Concludes this lecture series with a primer to Category Theory.

2)CIS194: Introduction to Haskell
Week 1 (Thursday, 28 August): Introduction to Haskell
Week 2 (Thursday, 4 September): Working with Lists
Week 3 (11 September): Algebraic Data Types
Week 4 (18 September): Polymorphism
Week 5 (25 September): Type Classes
Week 6 (2 October): Monoids, I/O
Week 7 (16 October): Lazy evaluation
Week 8 (23 October): Monads


1) Dr. Erik Maijerが

C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer - Functional Programming Fundamentals, Chapter 1 of 13 | C9 Lectures: Erik Meijer - Functional Programming Fundamentals | Channel 9